Best of Balaji


Truth. Health. Wealth. In that order.

An almanack for BalajiS, who correctly foresaw the rise of crypto and the covid pandemic, amongst other things.

He is an Engineer, Investor, Futurist.

This website

It's an effort to systematically round up and organize the main threads of Balaji's ideas.

We organize these ideas into "concepts" and add original sources in the mix so that readers can understand the context.


We are actively looking for contributors for both the website and it's content. This effort started at July 8th, 2021.

Visit the GitHub repository for more information.

If you want to improve a particular page of this website, just click on "Edit this page on GitHub". You will find it at the end of every page.


Original Idea by Dickie Bush.

First content aggregation and website curation by [Grant Nissly].